Course Profile

Course Profile: Pressure Care and Prevention of Pressure Sores (Half Day)
This course focuses on how pressure sores develop and what leads people to develop them, identifying those individuals at risk of developing pressures sores, how we can prevent pressures sores and how to promote healing if they occur. The course in centred on the needs of individual service users through assessment and support. The course is informed by NICE guidelines and material from the Royal College of Nusing and is set in the context of The Care Act 2014 (promoting health and wellbeing)
The course provides some knowledge for
Care Certificate: 1.4, 7, 8, 13.2 15.1
QCF: HSC2002, 2003, 2024, 2028
The course supports the Social Care Commitment.
The course is designed for Health & Social Care workers in all settings where people are at risk.
The course will help organisations to meet the CQC Fundamental Standards.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course learners should understand:

  • The structure of the skin
  • What is a pressure sore
  • How pressure sores develop
  • The physiology of healing
  • Who is at risk of developing pressure sores
  • The consequences of a pressure sore on the individual; how it impacts on their general wellbeing
  • How to prevent pressure sores
  • Different equipment, materials and devices that assist in prevention
  • Methods of identifying risk factors
  • Measures to reduce the risk-using assessment tools
  • The principles of how wounds heal
  • How to support individuals with pressure sores in a respectful way; upholding their dignity
  • How to promote healing
  • Equipment, material and devices that assist healing
  • How to help service users understand how they can assist the healing process
  • An individual holistic approach to pressure sore management
Training methods utilised include: Tutor Presentation, Group work, Discussion, Exercises, Practice, studies, Feedback