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Support for trainers in Social Care

With over 35 years as a practitioner and training provider, Norman Mark offers one-to-one support to employed and freelance trainers, based on a blend of Coaching and Mentoring.
All sessions are provided virtually.

Coaching is…

“a process that enables learning and development to occur and thus performance to improve”

Mentoring is…

“off-line help by one person to another in making significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking”


Norman, the founder of Norman Mark Training has provided services to the voluntary, statutory and independent sectors nationally. The agency won the Greater London Training Award and was awarded ‘endorsed provider’ status with Skills for Care. Throughout his career, Norman, in addition to providing training, has supported employed and independent trainers in career and skills development. He has a particular interest in helping new trainers develop their expertise.

Norman has over 35 years of experience as a practitioner, supervisor, manager, trainer and consultant in a variety of disciplines and settings, including:


All sessions are delivered via Skype.


Sessions last 1 hour.

Longer sessions can be arranged with a short comfort break after the first hour.
Sessions can be ‘one offs’ or can extend to a series of sessions.


Sessions are ‘Client Centred’ I.e. led by the Client (trainer).
Norman may suggest other areas of focus that may be useful to the Client.

Areas that may be explored:


The introductory fee is £95 per hour.

Clients' testimonials

Margaret Paddyfoot Freelance Trainer in Adult and Children’s Services

“I worked as an associate trainer for Norman Mark Training from 2005 to 2000. During this time I had the privilege of co facilitating several training courses with Norman who is a highly experienced trainer with much practical experience in Adult Social Care and Support. I learnt so much from him during these sessions and over the years. His ability to work in a person-centred manner and share knowledge helped me enormously, especially in my early days as a trainer.

Over the years working for Norman Mark Training I always felt valued, heard and very supported by Norman. I am a qualified teacher but struggle with dyslexia. Norman always made himself available to listen and offer me help me when needed, in particular with completing paperwork and lesson plans. There were occasions when I know that had it not be for Normans ongoing empathic support, I would have struggled to keep up with this aspect of training expectations. Norman was a joy to work for and with and his ability to support trainers is absolutely outstanding."

Franck Pertois Trainer

"I have been coached and supported by Norman Mark for nearly twenty years.

Norman is not only inspirational but challenging and person-centred, and he has enabled me to develop and to become the training consultant I am today.

His knowledge of person-centred practice, group dynamics, and humanistic approaches to training are second to none.

Whenever I spend time with Norman, I come away invigorated, motivated, and richer."

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Rachel Holliday Trainer

"Norman is a very capable person who has extensive experience in not only delivering training himself but also supporting trainers. He has a wealth of expertise and experience which means that he can effectively support trainers and other professionals by offering ideas, tips, information, mentoring and coaching in order for them to help fulfill their potential.

Norman has strong ethical standards and is honest, reliable, knowledgeable and has a proven track record of supporting others effectively.

I have known Norman for a number of years from working for his training company. He was proactive in ensuring that trainers received regular training, peer support and updates and was very helpful to me personally in helping me to develop as a trainer."

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